Judging Criteria


In the eliminations the shortlisting by the judges is based on whether they want to see you go through to the battle stage. The elimination is not a battle so you need to impress the judges that you have what it takes to compete.


The judges will be looking at your Musicality, Technicality, Originality and Performance. In the battles the judges will also be looking at your Engagement.


This is not an exhaustive list but some general guidelines:



This is how musical your beatboxing is. Have you crafted your composition and arranged your routines? For example, do they build-up and finish well? Have you used melody - bass lines or lead parts - and if so, are you able to keep pitch and deliver something with good tone and timbre that sounds musically pleasing?



Technicality is not just about speed. The judges will be looking for clarity, complexity and the timing of your delivery. They will be looking at the diversity of sounds you produce and the techniques you use. Do your routines bridge and flow into each other well?




The judges have heard a LOT of beatboxing. They will be looking for sounds and routines that make you stand out. Are your beats fresh and diverse? Do you have something in your repertoire that is original and hasn’t been done before?



At the end of the day, the whole event is entertainment! People are paying for tickets to come and see you perform and battle. The judges will be monitoring the crowd response. They will be watching how you use the stage. Have you captivated the audience and the judges with your routines?


Engagement (battle only)

A battle is a battle. This means you need to engage your opponent! The judges will be watching the ‘fight’. How are you responding to your opponent? The judges will be looking for quick-wittedness, ingenuity and clever comebacks.